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On Christmas Eve, 1991, the Soviet Union government falls. That same night, Dr. Petr Trofimov, a gifted scientist at a Soviet weapons lab, is asked to join a special program, code-named "The Purification", at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Over the next twenty years, Petr, now known as Peter Thomason, develops nanotechnology that cures psychopathic behavior. But there's one catch–the brain must be removed from the patient and transplanted into a donor body.

Brad Zanger, an ex-cop in prison for murder, volunteers to be the guinea pig for the program's first test. If he survives, he will be pardoned and reunited with his wife, Elizabeth. Samson Collins III, the father of the man Brad Zanger killed, hires a crazed assassin to stop him. When Peter Thomason learns of the plan, he enlists Elizabeth's help and smuggles Zanger's brain from the laboratory.

Peter and Elizabeth run a deadly obstacle course to escape Collins' pursuit. But Peter's biggest problem isn't the killers chasing him. It's that he falls in love with his patient's wife.



Dr. Peter Thomason
Doctor Petr Trofimov is a gifted scientist at the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics when the Soviet Union falls in 1991. He is immediately asked by the U.S. government to join a special team of scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Trofimov changes his name to Peter Thomason, becomes an American citizen and spends the next twenty years developing a revolutionary treatment using nanotechnology to alter brain cells and cure psychopathic behavior. The treatment is named "The Purification."

Elizabeth "E" Zanger
Elizabeth Zanger has stood by her husband, Brad, through some tough times. His life as a cop, his obsession with catching bad guys, his trial and conviction for the murder of a rape suspect. E, as her friends call her, is strong enough to withstand anything. That is, until she discovers her husband has volunteered for a mind-altering program that could free him from prison. That decision by Brad may be the one that ends their relationship forever. But first, she must rescue him from certain death at the hands of a madman that seeks revenge.

Brad Zanger
Brad Zanger is an ex-cop spending life in prison for the murder of Chip Collins, a rape suspect and son of billionaire, Samson Collins III. Brad volunteers for The Purification program in the hope that he will survive his brain being sustained outside his body for treatment and ultimately be declared fit to be pardoned. Brad, his wife Elizabeth, and their young daughter can then begin a new life with new identities. His brain is sustained in a gold sphere where he lives in a computer-generated world. It soon becomes a prison more deadly than the one he left for The Purification.

Samson Collins III
Billionaire Samson Collins III is an oilman accustomed to getting his way. When an Albuquerque Police Detective Brad Zanger kills his son, he made sure the cop was put away forever. When Collins learns his son's killer might be released, he puts a plan in place that will not only thwart Zanger's pardon, but will make him Collins' personal prisoner for life.

Cyrus Vansickle
Being hired by Samson Collins to kidnap some guy's brain from a government lab was the perfect assignment for Cyrus Vansickle. He considers himself God's prophet. A government laboratory conducting ungodly experiments to change human behavior is the perfect opportunity to be the instrument of God's wrath. He vows to destroy the lab that contains Brad Zanger's brain, whether he is able to deliver Zanger to Collins or not.


About the Author

Bart Cleveland began writing fiction professionally after thirty years of writing advertising for some of the world's leading brands. His first two works of fiction, The Prayer, a short story and The Purification, a thriller, were finalists in the 2010 Southwest Writers Annual Writing Contest. He is currently working on a humorous sci-fi novel titled, Jimbo's Big Day.

In 2005, Crain Publications asked Bart to co-create and launch a blog for the Advertising Age website. Small Agency Diary is the most successful blog ever launched by Ad Age, boasting thousands of readers. He has also written many articles for other advertising publications and websites including:, Communication Arts Magazine and One, A Magazine.

Bart has garnered hundreds of creative awards for his work in advertising, including dozens from the industry's most prestigious competitions: The One Show for Art and Copy; D&AD, Britain's premiere international advertising competition; and ten Best of Show awards from the American Advertising Federation.